Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows are one of our most simple and effective products. Able to be used as vision panels in walls, machinery and other applications, single pane windows are able to be used in many situations and provide a professional finish and look for all settings.

All our single pane windows come with a simple plastic PVC revel to give a clean finish to the window from the reverse side.

cleanroom window


Single pane windows are able to bespoke sizes. From small vision windows in doors to large gallery viewing windows.


Standard colour for Cleanroom Window Kits are RAL 9910 white epoxy powder coat, or silver anodised aluminium. Standard BS and RAL numbers are available with a white internal plastic reveal.

coloured window frames
cream window frame


Standard 'blade' materials which is used is 4mm toughened glass. 6mm toughened glass is available and can be quoted as needed.

Other material that is available is Polycarbonate. This maybe required in a food environment or laboratory settings.

This is a diagram showing how our clean room window kit goes together. Consisting of three parts, two windows and an internal reveal. The revel can be a specified thickness to cope with thick or narrow walls/panels. The windows are held in places by a high strength foam bonder and no screws are used so it can be wiped clean.

Additional Options

Additions that can be applied to glass are different films.

Shatterproof film, can be applied for windows in a food environment to prevent glass spores from contaminating rooms upon possible brakeage.

Tinted films can be applied for privacy windows.

Coloured tints are available for welding booths and other situations.

shatterproof film


Reveal Panel Thickness

All of our Single pane windows are provided with a Reveal frame which fits on to the back of the window providing a simple easy clean finish to the back of the window, standard depth of the reveal is 80mm – 175mm. We are able to add on or take off as required.


Speakeasys are available in our polycarbonate single pane upon request and can be positions as required.


Corner Units and 'Cake displays'

CAB can provide corner Coldroom Windows

Working just the same as a coldroom window two windows can be provided to meet on a corner with no thick mullion. Alike to normal windows power supply is the same and both windows work separately for easy install.

Also available are 'Cake display' units or 3 sided units.

Three windows would be provided forming a viewing box around an item, used to highlight a making process or food display.

Originally designed to highlight different cakes these units allow viewing from 3 sides of an item. Completely bespoke sizing enables this product to be used in many different environments.

Corner units and 'Cake display' are also available in single pane variation. Please click here for more information.

CAB Doors and Frames have a variety of variations and can be places in most settings.
We would be happy to discuss any different requirements you may have for your project.