CAB can provide a high quality gravity fed shelving system. For any shop or wholesaler. The gravity fed system allows workers to replenish stock from behind the shelving in the Coldstore and keep the aisles clear.

Our shelving can be ordered to be made in stainless steel.

shelving in cabinets


Our standard shelves are painted white epoxy RAL 9910. On request any standard RAL or BS number can be used.

product shelving
drinks in shelving
shelving panels


The shelving system can be used on its own or in conjunction with our doors and frames. The shelves would be able to line up with the doors.

Specific sizes can be asked for and quoted.

Shelf arms and Pilasters

The shelf arms used are notched to allow them to be used both flat or on varying degrees of angle.

There are two types of pilaster available.

Straight type that attaches to the ceiling and floor or self supporting which creates a free standing shelving unit. Each shelving bay can hold 800kg.

Shelving Options

Shelving applications may required separation of product. Dividers, front and rear stops and tickets strips can all be provided on request to suit the shelves.

stainless steel shelving
closeup of stainless steel shelving

CAB Doors and Frames have a variety of variations and can be places in most settings.
We would be happy to discuss any different requirements you may have for your project.