Shelving that fits the doors

We offer a Cantilever Adjustable Shelving system which provides a
professional finish. All parts are held in stock to provide ‘off the shelf’
delivery for jumbo sizes.

Special size shelves to fit custom sized doors and frames are
produced quickly for despatch.
A strong plastic coated wire shelf is the basis of the system, which
is adjustable in height and angle. Dividers and ticket strips clip on.

A well proven gravity shelving system is offered, whether it be
“Wholesale Packs” or Drink Cans” the goods are always at the front,
on offer to your clients. To accomodate different packs the dividers
slide sideways for easy adjustment.

Self Feeder Shelving is available. Well proven system delivers retail
goods to the front of the shelf, and is simply adjusted for different
pack sizes.
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Self supporting Pillaster Straight Pillaster